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lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012


Let me step into the soap box for a moment... I have some whining to do.

After investigating more about publishing my stories I have become thoroughly discouraged by certain articles about the kind of writing I do. I know I am not the best writer in the Universe but I have some talent... and then there was The Hunger Games. Now, I don't mind the series at all but I am not a huge fan either. Partly because it seems like something I would have read when I was much younger and much less versed in the dystopian genre. It is a good series but to be honest? Not very innovative in my humble perspective.

But whether I like the books or not is not the point. The point is that thanks to The Hunger Games getting a dystopian novel is more or less an 'uphill battle' or so some people say. So, you can imagine that this is a bit crushing to me. I almost feel like not writing at all anymore even if my stories don't look at all like The Hunger Games series. While they focus on one thing I focus my stories completely differently but... I am still a one time published author who hasn't published anything in the sci-fi/dystopian genre. I just seems to have missed my time to publish something. Of course this might just be me reacting dramatically (I'm a writer... I'm used to drama) but see... Writing is my one way ticket out of not only the poverty state I find myself in (yes, I live bellow poverty line) but it's my one true passion. Writing fiction is the one constant I've had in my life... nothing even comes close to it in longevity or loyalty. It's the one thing that can (and has, on many occasions) save me. I am not the best at it but boy do I love it.

Now it just seems like I find yet another stone in my path, another bridge to cross, another hurdle to jump... Sometimes you get so many of those that it becomes so discouraging.

I wonder if George R.R. Martin ever felt like this when he was thinking of writing Game of Thrones or J.K. Rowling while writing Harry Potter... Maybe they have? Maybe one day I'll get over this particular hurdle. Maybe I won't all I know is I just want to be a writer...

I just want to be a writer.  

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