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miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2012

Presentation today...

It's been a tough week for me (and it's only what? Wednesday? Oh my). I've had a lot of things to turn in (including a short story for my creative writing class) and a lot of work to do both at home and for the University. Oh and not to mention how sick I've been so... really, really hectic.

Well today I had a presentation to do and if I didn't do good I might have actually failed a class. Or more like I would have failed a class (this presentation was 100% of my grade). Needless to say I had my game face on. I m not used to failing (in fact I have yet to fail a test in my entire life) and I wasn't going to fail this. I was sick and tired and stressed out but I decided to impress in every sense of the word.

Now, as a student I am poor and well my boyfriend is also a student and he's poor too. This means I have no money to spend on clothes most of the time and oh, did I mention I live in Venezuela where the inflation is higher than the percentage of hipsters that visit star bucks on a daily basis? Yes, it's that bad. So, really I have no clothes. Okay, I'm lying, I have clothes but not a lot of really nice clothes. Most of my clothes actually comes from my mother and sister when they stop fitting them so by the time they get to me they are worn and not very nice. I don't mind too much... I am grateful, actually. Except on days I have important presentations.

But! Thank my lucky stars my mother gave me a gorgeous shirt the other day. Seriously nice and fancy looking (for me). The perfect color for my skin too! Just perfect so, I decided to wear it today and I felt like a million bucks! Wanna see?

Don't I look lovely!? I know I do, thanks. Oh and that presentation? I got an outstanding mention... aka I aced that mother! Yay! One step closer. 

Disclaimer: before anyone asks how I could afford an iPhone while being broke? I didn't, it was a present from my uncle because my little old 2007 Nokia flip phone died 5 days before my birthday. I am a lucky girl that way. 

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