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lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012

May the force be with us all

I haven't adressed the news of George Lucas selling everything to Disney for simple reasons:

a) There are enough people talking about it who get way more page views than me

b) George Lucas made me cry...

I am not a believer in this and the idea of another movie being filmed and it likely not following anything that's already been writen about Star Wars is kind of heart breaking to me.

Star Wars is the reason I got back into writing. Star Wars was my first true, blue altern universe I hid in as a child. It's so important to me and I feel like it's being ruined (dramatic, I know but hey, I'm a nerd I'm allowed to be dramatic over Star Wars!).

I don't know just... I feel like something sacred to me was sold off and it's nothing more than a money business to someone out there. Of course I am not that naive to think it wasn't (specially after Eps. I, II and III) but that doesn't mean that part of me wasn't half in denial and half hoping that it would stop.

I just hope they don't completely butcher it (any more than Eps. I-III already did).

And that is all for this nerd today.

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  1. Perhaps George Lucas sold Star Wars because he gets a lot of hate mail for ruining the films?