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miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2012

Opening my horizons

After much thought I've decided to spread my blog out a little to make sure I can write about more than just my writing. I am a lot of things other than a want to be author and, even though that will be the main focus of this blog, it won't be the only thing discussed.

I will be honest and say I lack time for writing because I am in the middle of graduating from 6 years of schooling. Most of my days are spent making sure this happens in a timely manner and writing sometimes takes a back burner. It doesn't mean it's not present seeing as my studies are 90% reading/writing but it's not in the creative sense. For example today I turned in a 10 page paper and am turning in a 5 page paper tomorrow and a 60 page paper next week... Not to mention my 100+ page dissertation I am working on. So yes, I write a lot, sadly it's not always as creative as I'd hope but it's there...

Also, I am trying to let more about me be known. And lets face it... I am a big fat geek and love it. Oh yes, I am known as a Star Wars wiki and well I'm been a geek and nerd all my life. I don't mind and this is an important part of me so I will include that here too.

So, basically, nothing too out there or crazy but there's a  lot to include about me other than just my writing in a creative fashion.

I hope this makes sense and helps me expand and learn more from my writing.



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